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Diana Irey Vaughan Receives Pennsylvania State Troopers Association Endorsement

Diana Irey Vaughan announced that she has received the endorsement of the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association. The endorsement text, signed by Joseph R. Kovel, President of the Association, reads: “As President of the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association, I am privileged to inform you that our members have joined Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 47 and [...]


Diana Irey Vaughan Responds to Misleading McCord Attack Ad

Harrisburg, PA – A day after incumbent Treasurer Rob McCord launched a misleading attack television attack ad, Diana Irey Vaughan issued the following response- “I am disappointed that Rob McCord has decided to resort to desperate tactics to keep his job. The ad that his campaign released yesterday is misleading and I call on him [...]


Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Endorses Diana Irey Vaughan for State Treasurer

By Tribune-Review Published: Thursday, October 18, 2012, 8:52 p.m. Updated 11 hours ago In the open and hotly contested race for Pennsylvania attorney general, experience and commitment to criminal prosecution go to Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed. The Republican is a lifelong, no-nonsense prosecutor. His Democrat opponent, former Lackawanna County prosecutor Kathleen Kane, suggests [...]


Diana Irey Vaughan Unveils “A Plan to Protect Pennsylvania’s Financial Future”

Diana Irey Vaughan today released “Back to Basics: A Plan to Protect Pennsylvania’s Financial Future.” The full plan can be accessed and downloaded here.


Irey Vaughan joins candidates in Allegheny County to raise funds for charity

North Hills Patch By Michael Buzzelli Both Republicans and Democrats came out to support the Allegheny County Music Festival Fund at a fundraiser featuring politicians and hopefuls yukking it up for a the Allegheny County Department of Human Services. Usually, the audiences at the Improv are laughing at the politicians, but, at the Candidates’ Comedy Night, the [...]